Hi! I'm A.J. I drew up the plans for The Black Hole Gang clubhouse--and I'm the person who everyone looks for when something needs to be fixed. You can usually find me in the greenhouse, up to my elbows in potting soil. My greenhouse has plenty of orchids, geraniums, and ferns--but my favorites are carnivorous plants. My greenhouse always seems to be insect free!

That cupboard next to the tool bench is my herbarium. It's a cabinet where I keep my plant specimens. I use the microscope on the cabinet for close-up looks at the plants and flowers I study.

I like haiku--and poetry by Langston Hughes and e. e. cummings. My mom says I was a born drummer. Put a couple of pencils in my hand and I'll start tapping out a tune. When I'm not working with my plants or fixing up something on the clubhouse, I like to grab my skateboard and find some smooth-running pavement.

All original text, graphics, and art © 1998 Stephen Kramer and Richard Torrey