National Earthquake Information Center

Whenever Newton hears me talking about earthquakes, he heads for his doghouse. Whenever I hear about an earthquake, I head for the computer. There's plenty of good earthquake information on the web.

What are aftershocks? What do earthquakes have to do with faults? Where have the largest earthquakes of the 20th century happened?

If you have questions about earthquakes, this is a site you should visit...

To find out the locations of recent earthquakes around the world, try:

Still looking for information about earthquakes? Then track down
these titles in your library or bookstore:

Earthquake, by Christopher Lampton. Millbrook Press, 1991.

Earthquakes, by Seymour Simon. William Morrow and Co., 1991

Volcano and Earthquake, by Susanna Van Rose. Random House Books for Young Readers, 1992.