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I love the adventures you guys have!


Dear Black Hole Gang,

I love your book. Your author came to our school. We visited your site in Sifton Elementary in Vancouver, Washington.

My favorite Black Hole Gang member is Newton, because I like animals a lot. Sorry Newton, but cats are my favorite animals, but I like dogs too.

From your friend,


Dear Black Hole Gang,

Hi. I live in Alaska. I like to go dogsledding, but since my dog died she won`t be able to teach Brintney, our little black Labrador.

I'm very good at math. On March 23 my school is doing a science fair. My mom and I are going to be working on our science project next week on spring break.

God Bless you all.

By Billy

Dear Wei Ling,

My name is Nikki and I am nine. I wanted to ask you about some animals. We are going to be moving to Phoenix, Arizona so I would like to know what kind of Dog would be good for that area. If we buy a dog it would spend a lot of time outdoors so it would need to be a dog that could take the heat.


Dear Matt,

I have a rock collection too!!! I also play soccer. Earthquakes are cool. California gets a lot of them. We have a lot in common. I have been playing soccer for four years. My science teachers are neat. We switch teachers. I just finished up a class about the five kingdoms, the parts of a cell, and vertebrates and invertebrates. I love science. It is so interresting!

Bye now, Olivia H.

Dear Wei Ling,

I like all the things you do that have to do with nature. I like the outdoors myself. I like to look at different animals that live in the area. Camping is one of my favorite things. When we go to the beach, I love to watch the ocean waves crash on the shore.


Dear Black Hole Gang,

I like The Dark Zone because it is kind of a comic book but it still had a lot of information. I hate reading long chapter books.


Dear Black Hole Gang,

We visited your site from North Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Malsis School

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