by Stephen Kramer
Photographs by Warren Faidley
Carolrhoda Books, 1992

One hundred bolts of lightning strike the earth every second. Find out about the powerful forces inside a thundercloud, how lightning forms, and what happens when it strikes. You'll see amazing close-up photographs of lightning, and you'll learn some handy safety tips for the next time a storm comes up.

Author Stephen Kramer and storm photographer Warren Faidley present an engaging text and dramatic photographs for a fascinating look at the natural phenomenon of lightning.

"Exceptionally fine, full color photographs--each a work of art--perfectly illustrate the text... Written material and pictures can stand independently, but together they create a masterpiece."--School Library Journal, Starred Review

"The cover is just an appetizer for all the important tidbits of information in the book."--Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

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All original text, graphics, and art © 1998 Stephen Kramer and Richard Torrey