About Matt

I'm Matt. Most summer nights, you can find me on the roof of the clubhouse with Boris, the 2.5 inch reflecting telescope I built. When I'm not looking at distant galaxies, you can find me working on my rock collection, practicing my electric guitar, or playing sports. Basketball and soccer are my favorites.

The map on the wall--the one with all the pins sticking in it--shows the location of major earthquakes around the world during the past five years. I've got our computer hooked up to receive seismic data from the United States Geological Survey, so I always know where the earth is shaking! That gauge on the wall is connected to an anemometer on the clubhouse roof. I can tell you the windspeed outside without getting out of this chair.

Matt, Rosa, and Wei Ling think I have the messiest corner of the clubhouse. I guess there's a lot of stuff lying around here but it's good stuff!

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