About Newton

Woof Woofwoofwoof! Woof woof WoWoooWoooof! Woofwoof woofwoof woofwooof. Woof Wo.Of. woof woofwoof woof woof woofwoofwoof! Woofwoof, woof woofwoof Woof woof woof woofwoof. Woof's wooowooowoooof woofwoof woof! Woof, Woof woof woofwoof Woof's woofwoof woofwoof Wooof.

Woof woofwoof woof, woof woof, woofwoofwoof... Wooooowoooo!


I'm Newton! I guess you could say-woof-that I'm The Black Hole Gang dog. I have my own personal door into-woof-the clubhouse. I follow A.J. around when he's building things, although-woof- the sawdust makes me sneeze! Sometimes, in the evenings, I sit beside Wei Ling while she works on a painting of a sunset. Rosa's trying to teach me to play chess, but-woof-I just don't think I have the patience. And I like to curl up beside Matt's feet when he's looking through Boris.

In my spare time I like to roll in mud puddles, chase slow cats, and sneak out at night to howl at the moon... Wooooowoooo!