About Rosa

My name is Rosa, and I love computers. I have e-mail penpals all over the world. When I'm not writing to my friends, I like to surf the web. You can learn some pretty cool things about science with your computer. I mean, I had never heard of Olaus Roemer until one day when I was looking up some information on the speed of light...

My dad gave me a chemistry set for my fifth birthday, and I've been doing chemistry experiments ever since. A.J.'s worried that someday I'm going to blow up the clubhouse with one of my experiments--but it hasn't happened yet!

When I'm not web hopping or working in my lab, I like to play chess. The King's Gambit is my favorite opening. If you're a chess player, you probably know what that means. If you're not, maybe you should come to the chess club I run for the neighborhood kids on Saturday mornings!