How to Think Like a Scientist
by Stephen Kramer
Illustrations by Felicia Bond
HarperCollins, 1987

Scientists use questions to learn about things--and they have a way of helping make sure they answer questions correctly. It's called the scientific method.

What kind of food does your dog like best? Is your sister more likely to help you with your homework if you say please? Can throwing a dead snake over a tree branch make it rain? The scientific method can help you answer these questions and many others.

Stephen Kramer's invitation to think like a scientist, illustrated by Felicia Bond's humorous and appealing pictures, will receive enthusiastic response from young readers, scientist and nonscientist alike!

"A neat, simple explanation of the scientific method of thinking for aspiring young scientists..."--Horn Book Magazine

"How I wish I had a book like this in my childhood to give me a better start on my science education..."--Appraisal

Reprinted in Don't Forget to Fly, a fifth grade reading text by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill

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