I guess I'd have to say that spiders are my favorite eight-legged critters. I love finding the webs of orb-web weavers, and jumping spiders have such cute little faces!

I don't understand how anyone could stomp on one of the little creatures. If we find one in the clubhouse, we always capture it in a jar and carefully turn it loose outside. Want to know more about spiders?

Here's a site about spiders of Northwest Europe that will get you started:

See if you can find these books in your library or bookstore:

Outside and Inside Spiders, by Sandra Markle,
Macmillan Children's Book Group, 1994

Spiders, by Jenny Tesar,
Blackbirch Press, 1993

Someone Saw a Spider, by Shirley Climo
HarperCollins Children's Books, 1985

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