Theodoric's Rainbow
by Stephen Kramer
Illustrations by Daniel Mark Duffy
W. H. Freeman and Company, 1995

(This book is no longer in print.)

Seven hundred years ago, a Dominican friar named Theodoric of Freiberg lived and studied in Germany. Then, as now, after a rain, and in just the right conditions, rainbows spread their beautiful colors over the land.

In Theodoric's time and place, the rainbow colors were mysterious. Were they paths that led to pots of gold? Were they dangerous forces that would wither the finger of any who dared point at them? Were they ladders from heaven?

Theodoric decided to find out exactly where those beautiful colors came from. And, using the scientific method hundreds of years ahead of its time, he did!

"An interesting lesson that is part history and part science."--Booklist

"Rich illustrations capture the dark times that were brightened by Theodoric's curiousity."--Library Talk

Named a Notable Book in the Field of Social Studies by the National Council for Social Studies and Children's Book Council

Selected as a Discover Book by the New England Bookseller's Association

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