The Weather Underground

The gauge you clicked on is hooked up to weather instruments on the roof of the clubhouse. I can tell you the current temperature, barometric pressure, and wind speed without getting out of my chair. But you can use your computer to find out current weather conditions anywhere in the world!

Want to know what the temperature is in New York City? The barometric pressure in Salzburg, Austria? Or maybe you're just wondering if there are clouds overhead in Beijing, China right now.

For answers to questions like these, check out this site!

Here are some books that will help you understand weather. Head for your library or bookstore and see if you can find them!

Lightning, by Stephen Kramer. Carolrhoda Books, 1992

Eye of the Storm, by Stephen Kramer. Putnam, 1997

Peterson First Guides: Clouds and Weather, by John A. Day and Vincent J. Schaefer,
Houghton Mifflin Co., 1991