About Wei Ling

I'm Wei Ling. My name is Chinese. The first part means "intelligent" and "observant." The second part means "swift" and "sensitive." Sometimes Matt teases me and says that Wei Ling must be Chinese for binoculars--because I always keep my binoculars close by.

I've been interested in critters all my life. When I was four years old, I used to go outside, catch spiders, and turn them loose in my bedroom so I could watch them build webs. My parents never came into my room without first turning on the light and looking around very carefully! I also like insects, bats, and birds. I can lie in bed on a spring morning and tell you which birds are in our yard just by listening to their songs.

I enjoy painting with watercolors. When I go hiking, I like to take my sketchbook along and make drawings of rocks, plants, and animals. I use the drawings to give me ideas for my paintings. In my spare time, I take karate lessons. I'm also learning to play the bagpipes. I think I'm getting pretty good on them, but A.J. says the sound still reminds him of a fire alarm!

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