The Dark Zone: Exploring the Secret World of Caves
by Stephen Kramer
Illustrated by Richard Torrey
McGraw-Hill/Learning Triangle Press, 1998
(This book no longer in print.)

Meet The Black Hole Gang--a crew of bright, fun-loving kids who are crazy about science, ecology, and technology. Matt, Rosa, A.J., and Wei Ling hang out in a remarkable clubhouse packed with cool science apparatus, where they do experiments, crack jokes, and communicate with other kids via the internet. It's on the web that they learn of a vandalized cave in Missouri that needs cleaning up. When they decide to help, along with their trusty dog, Newton, the adventure begins--with lots of danger, thrills, and batty science along the way!

"This is probably the most wonderful children's book on caving written to date..."--National Speleological Society

"This is certainly the caving book you should buy if you have children under the age of 12..."--Sydney Speleological Society

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All original text, graphics, and art © 1998 Stephen Kramer and Richard Torrey